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• Provides extra grip
• Made of high-quality plastic with a crystal-clear appearance
• Unbreakable

The Cup is made of high-quality plastic material with a crystal clear appearance. The high-quality material ensures that the Cup is unbreakable. The specially designed twisted shape ensures a good grip. The cup is stackable and saves space.

What is a big disadvantage of great glasswork? It breaks. We decided to make a beautiful glass that does not break. We added extra grip so you will not be able to drop it. We also changed the material from glass to high-quality plastic with a crystal-clear look. And it will keep a crystal-clear look over time. Then we added some accessories to give our Cup even more grip and a stylish look. UnbreakableWe know that plastic does not sound luxurious at all. It sounds way cooler if we could tell you: A craftsman creates our Cups in an old factory piece by piece. Unfortunately, our story is less fascinating. But then again, the Cup will not break.Extra gripCup has lots of grip. The specially designed indent and the twisted shape of the cup make it so much more comfortable to hold it in your hand without slipping. We also developed accessories for even more grip, called the Cup Sleeve and Cup Ring.StackableCup is a real space saver because you can stack them. That will make it easier to put more and more Cups in your kitchen cabinets, which we wouldn’t mind, of course.PS: This product also looks good with the Cup sleeve and Cup ring.

Product information

Length: –
Width: –
Height: –
Adjustable height: –
Diameter: –
Weight: 0
Material: –
Washingmachine safe: –
Microwave safe: Yes
Food safe: –
Dishwasher safe: –

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