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From day one, we wanted Vitility to be different from all other aids for daily living. We wanted to be innovative and look from a positive perspective, without focussing on limitations or age. Where others see limitations, we see no limit. And maybe our glass is always half full, but that’s how we like it. It makes life more positive and beautiful, regardless of age or disability.

Vitility keeps changing and is always looking for improvements. It is simply not enough to make thoughtful, comfortable products, so that activities can be carried out easily and independently. That does not happen overnight, but we can always try. And that makes life even easier and more enjoyable. Every day, all day long.

Vitility Catalog 2023

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The current product range of Vitility can be found in the catalog.

Our categories

Bathroom & Toilet

Fresh start of your day.

Kitchen & Dining

Help in the kitchen.

Sleeping & Living

Support in your home.

Office & Leisure

Enhance your workflow.

Mobility & Travel

Move around freely.

Health & Fitness

Take care of yourself.