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Review policy

It is important to us that our customers share real user experiences, and therefore, we show genuine reviews. We kindly ask you to only write a review if you have purchased a product from us. Vitility’s employees will read and assess the reviews.

A review will have to meet several conditions if we do not want to have to disapprove it, including:

  • The review is shorter than 4 words. 
  • There is contact information in the review, such as telephone numbers, addresses, and URLs. 
  • The review does not discuss the content of the product and only describes Vitility’s service. Of course, a reference to the service may be made, but the review should be mainly about the product in question. 
  • The review contains offensive language, such as swear words and discrimination.  
  • The review is in a language other than Dutch/Flemish, English, or German. 

For clarity, the review may contain spelling errors as long as the review consists of understandable language. For example, the review may consist of one sentence (4+ words), and you may always express yourself negatively about a product. We can only learn from that!

Who can write a review about products on the website? 

We invite you to write a review about our products and services. We take this valuable feedback to learn from and grow as an organization. With great feedback, we can provide more customers with positive experiences in the future. Therefore, we invite as many customers as possible to review products!

Do you receive a request to review your purchase?

Yes, we request our customers rate the product after purchase. You will receive the request via the e-mail with which you made the purchase. The mail could end up in the spam. The request is only an invitation, and you can always choose to leave a review. 

Can I unsubscribe from e-mail?

Yes, you can unsubscribe from the e-mail with ‘unsubscribe’. 

How does our product rating system work? 

We will ask you the following questions after purchase:

Is this product recommended? 
Yes, it is highly recommended.
No, not recommended.

A rating of 1-5 stars. When assessing the product, you can think of the following properties;
  • Design
  • Comfort
  • Ease of use
  • Effectiveness/Efficiency

Your experience: a free text field

How do we calculate the average scores? 

We look at the total number of reviews with the number of stars. Then, the stars are added and divided by the total number of reviews.

How long does it take before a review is visible on the website? 

Our employees will first read the review(s) to moderate what is shared on the website. The moderating may take a few days to show up on our website.

Can I determine the ranking in which the review is shown? 

Yes, you can do that on:
  • Most stars
  • Least stars
  • Newest
  • Eldest

In addition, you can rank the reviews by helpfulness, which is indicated with a ‘thumbs up’. A thumbs-up suggests that a person found the review helpful.

When can we change or delete a review?

We will only do this if a customer forms a different conclusion about using the product after more prolonged use. If the change is worth mentioning, we will adjust it at the customer’s request. If the customer wants the review removed entirely after a while, we can also change this on the website. We will only act when a customer actively contacts us with a specific request or change of opinion about the review. After we remove a review, this is final; we will know no further information about this afterward. 

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