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Cup sleeve – grey

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• Provides extra grip
• Don’t worry about burning your hands or fingers
• Retains the heat of your drink

The sleeve is one of the accessories for the Vitility cup. The sleeve can easily be slid onto the cup and provides extra grip. The fresh colors give the cup a trendy look. The sleeve does not let heat through, so burning your fingers from hot drinks is a thing of the past.

Cup sleeve – grey
Whether you want to upgrade your Cup by giving it more grip or want to make it more beautiful, the Cup sleeve is the accessory you need! It has been specially designed for the Cup, making it a perfect match.The Cup sleeve consists of silicone which has three major advantages:1. It is easy to clean: clean it with soapy water during the dishes or use a dishwasher. Remember to remove the sleeve from the glass before cleaning.2. It offers a lot of grip because of the material. Thanks to the comfortable design, you can easily slide the sleeve around and off the cup.3. The Cup sleeve also offers additional safety features, so you no longer have to worry about burning your hands or fingers. In addition, it isolates the heat of your hot drink. This keeps your drink nice and warm and protects your hands from the worst heat!The Cup sleeve is available in four stylish colours: silver grey, ocher yellow, peach pink, and a mint green version that also glows in the dark.The cup sleeve is the perfect accessory for anyone who wants to stay safe and cool while drinking their favorite hot drinks!

Product information

Length: –
Width: –
Height: –
Adjustable height: –
Diameter: –
Weight: 0
Material: –
Washingmachine safe: –
Microwave safe: Yes
Food safe: –
Dishwasher safe: –

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