The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in any house. There comes a time where simple actions that take place in your kitchen aren’t that simple anymore due to physical limitations. Safety and comfort are very important during activities in your kitchen. Fortunately Vitility has aids that could help and support you.

Kitchen aids

Besides cutlery Vitility has kitchen knives with an angled grip so minimum effort is needed to get the job done. The angled grip ensures that the hand, wrist and arm are in a natural (anatomical) position, which prevents excessive effort of the wrist, related pain or inflammation.

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There are several openers in our assortment, to open cans, jars and bottles. The openers have a comfortable handle providing extra grip. Without using much effort, one can use the opener to open jars, bottles and cans. In case you can only use one hand you could use the antislip coaster while opening a can, jar or bottle.

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Antislip set

The antislip products of Vitility ensure support, stability and self-assurance during daily activities and exercises. The antislip openers and the coaster are suitable for people that have less strength in their hands or that have mobility limitations. They can also be used during therapy, for example to practice with coordination and the awareness of space.

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