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Walking canes

Are you looking for the right walking cane that gives you the right support when walking? Vitility has walking canes in different designs, sizes, and colors. The walking poles are made of sturdy material and have an excellent position in the hand. The handles are ergonomically designed, making it comfortable to hold and distributing pressure in the palm.

Vitility has different types in the range, so we always have the best solution for you.

Classic walking cane

The classic walking cane remains the most sold walking cane. This walking cane helps you move when you have difficulty walking. The classic walking cane is made of sturdy material and available in different colors. The walking cane is made of aluminum, which makes it lightweight and very sturdy. The walking canes are suitable for different lengths and adjustable in height.

Foldable walking cane

This walking cane does not need much explanation, it's all in the name. The folding walking cane can easily be folded and put in your bag, ideal for on the go. Get out of the house with the walking cane folded and when you get tired, unfold the walking cane and continue walking with proper support. The walking cane is adjustable in different heights from 82 to 92 cm and available in different colors. The handy wrist strap makes it easy to hang the walking cane on your wrist.


The Quadro is a special walking cane that provides even more stability when walking. The Quadro walking cane has four legs and a wider support surface at the bottom than the standard walking canes. This tool is equipped with ergonomic handles, which makes it comfortable to hold.

Stand on walking cane

With the Vitility Stand Up walking cane you have a walking stick and stand up aid in one. The walking cane is made of strong material, so you can get up and walk without any problems.

Walking cane with seat

Are you tired and would you like to rest for a while? This is no problem with the walking cane with seat. You don't have to be afraid anymore that you can't rest on the road. Take a nice walk with this walking cane and when you get tired, fold out the walking cane and you can relax on the seat.

Walking cane accessories

Do you already have a walking cane but want to replace or add something to the stick? In our range, you will find many accessories that will make your life even easier. For example, a handy wristband for your walking stick. With the wristband, you can leave your hands free without having to put pressure on where you leave the walking cane. Or do the rubber caps of your walking cane need to be replaced? With the sturdy rubber caps from Vitility you can easily replace the worn caps with new caps.