Conni Floor Mat, Pet, 70x70 cm


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Animal pad
The washable animal pad has an absorbent top layer and a fully watertight underlay that can be used for multiple purposes. You can think of:
- Protection of car seats and the trunk in cars.
- Protects carpets and furniture in the home.
- Under water tank and food bowl.
- Under the litter box.
- Making the puppies clean.
- During and after throwing a litter of puppies or kittens.
- During transportation in transport boxes.
- Incontinence in animals

This animal pad can also be washed in the washing machine to 80 degrees without fabric softener and to dry in the dryer up to 80 degrees . This washable animal pad can be used several times and is a cost-saving and environmentally friendly alternative to disposable materials such as cellulose mats.
The floor mats are available in three different sizes and each have their own absorption capacity.
70 x 55 cm with a capacity of 960 ml
70 x 70 cm with a capacity of 1225 ml
70 x 115 cm with a capacity of 2000 ml