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Toilet support rail - foldable


€ 79.94 79.94 EUR incl. btw
Bath safety rail


€ 69.95 69.95 EUR incl. btw
Quick mobile rail - 49 cm / 19.3 inch


€ 49.95 49.95 EUR incl. btw
Quick mobile rail - 40 cm / 15.7 inch


€ 47.95 47.95 EUR incl. btw
Bath rail - Quick-Rail Mobile Indicator L


€ 42.25 € 10.95 10.95 EUR incl. btw
Bath rail - 45 cm / 17.7 inch


€ 17.94 17.94 EUR incl. btw
Bath rail - 30 cm / 11.8 inch


€ 14.94 14.94 EUR incl. btw
Shower mat


€ 11.95 11.95 EUR incl. btw
Bath mat


€ 10.95 10.95 EUR incl. btw

Safety in the bathroom

Did you know that the bathroom comes second when it comes to household accidents? With the products of Vitility, safety is again guaranteed.

Wall brackets

We have wall brackets in various types and sizes in our range. A wall bracket is especially for people with limited mobility. This product provides extra support when getting up or pulling up in various places. Common places to hang the wall bracket are a bathroom, toilet, or shower. But the wall bracket can also be very useful on a staircase or bedroom. When you use the bracket you can move more safely and comfortably. You can also live independently for longer. At Vitility we have different types of wall brackets in the range.

Wall bracket with screw

The name says it all, you attach these wall brackets to the wall with screws. These types of wall brackets are available in the dimensions: 30 cm, 45 cm, and 60 cm. The wall brackets have a ribbed top layer that gives you extra grip. The bracket can be attached to the wall with screws at both ends and has a load capacity of 120 kg.

Wall bracket with suction cup

In our assortment, we also have a mobile wall bracket that offers perfect support when getting up or sitting down quietly. This wall bracket works with super powerful suction cups and is very safe to use. The advantage of the bracket is that it is easy to attach and move. Also, a big advantage is that you do not damage the wall when hung. The mobile wall bracket has a load capacity of 60 kg and only works on a smooth and solid surface. The two indicators on the product make it easy to know whether it is securely attached to the wall. Does the indicator turn green? Then the bracket is properly mounted. Is the indicator red? Then it is not properly mounted and you must reattach it. You can order the wall brackets in the dimensions: 40 cm and 49 cm.

Deck mounted bracket

Do you have a bath? For the bath, we have a handy rim bracket for extra support in stock. We think taking a bath is one of the nicest moments of the week. But when you are less mobile, we understand that this can be dangerous and difficult. With the Vitility bath rim bracket, you can get in and out of the bath safely and pleasantly again. This bath bracket is suitable for all baths and can be attached without tools. Place the bath rim bracket over the edge, pull the handle upwards, tighten the handle and you can safely get in and out of the bath.

You have safely stepped out of the bath or shower, the danger is not over yet. Your feet are wet and the risk of an accident is greatest on the slippery surface. Prevent a painful fall with a special shower or bath mat. These mats have handy suction cups at the bottom so that the shower or bath mat does not slide away. The mats have a non-slip effect on the top, even with wet feet you will not slip!

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