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Review: rollator

We are here to make life easy for our customers. Therefore, it is crucial to us that our products provide customers with Quality, support, service, and Functionality. We want to continue to do what we are good at. Therefore, it is crucial to maintain our quality standards. In this process, it is essential to contact the end user so that our products offer the perfect problem-solution fit.

To successfully introduce our brand new rollator, we also thought it was important to have the products tested and assessed in use and on the look & feel. The rollator has been tested by Sylvia while spending a day with the Vitility team. During this day she used, tested, and eventually assessed the products. On the basis of a questionnaire, she has offered us insight into her user experience and will share her assessment with us. 

We asked questions within three themes. Theme 1 is about her User Experience.


user experience

1.What information do you expect to find about the rollator on our website soon? 

I expect to find attention given to the benefits of this Rollator and detailed information with photos of the Rollator in new Designer colors. Also, information about any customized parts. Additionally, I would like practical instructions for daily use of the rollator, such as how to transport it in the car and its weight for lifting. 

2. What is your experience with the rollator? 

My experience with the rollator was fantastic; it is lightweight and rides smoothly even on uneven paths, like walking in the woods. Other rollators often have swiveling wheels that make it uncomfortable to use outdoors. I also find the small zippered compartment very useful for storing my wallet and keys. The backrest on the seat of the rollator was also comfortable, and I particularly loved the Bordeaux red color (suquoia red). 

3. What do you think of the price-quality ratio? 

The price-quality ratio for this product is excellent. I wonder if this price includes the prices for additional accessories? 

[Answer from us: The amount includes a complete rollator. If you want an additional back strap and seat in a different color, you will have to pay extra for these items as they are separate products. We plan to offer extras such as a cup holder, cane holder, or shopping basket in the future. These products will be added to our range in phases and are not included in the price for the rollator.] 

4. Name 1 advantage of the product. 

As mentioned, it is lightweight and stable when riding uneven paths. 

5. Name 1 disadvantage of the product. 

No comment. 

6. What do you like most about the product? 

It is easy to transport with the car since you can fold the rollator double, making it extra small. 

7. What do you think would make the product even better? Are there any features missing in the product that you have seen in comparable products? 

I miss having a basket for groceries. The distance between the handlebar and the torso of a tall person seems a bit low to me. The distance between me and the rollator is fine, but I am small. Additionally, it would be a great idea to have a small table in a holder that you can attach to the rollator, allowing you to use it indoors as well. This would make getting a cup of coffee or a glass of water from the kitchen easier while having a table conveniently close to you at the right height. 

8. What do you think is the most important requirement the product must meet? 

It should be easy to use for the person who depends on it. 

9. Are you aware of the product’s benefits? If yes, could you name them? 

Yes, it has been clearly explained to me and is actually mainly what I mentioned earlier. Such as the double folding system, and that it is a steady model to walk with.

10. How do you rate the product on a scale of 1 to 10? 

See the following criteria: 

    • Ease of use – Grade: 10 
    • Design – Grade: 10
    • Practical – Grade: 10
    • Quality – Grade: 10 
    • Comfort – Grade: 10 
    • Functionality – Grade: 10

11. Would you recommend this product? Please elaborate.

This product is definitely recommended, especially because of its new look, which you don’t often see in the world of rollators. 

12. You mentioned that you work in healthcare. Can you provide feedback from your expertise? How do you think the people you work with would benefit from our product? 

In my work, I interact with many older ladies who like to look their best. I believe the ladies I work with would appreciate the new look and the various colors available. 

13. Through which channels do you know that users of assistive devices purchase rollators? For example, based on the advice of a physiotherapist, etc. 

Through Zorg Comfort Alblasserwaard/Sliedrecht and Vegro Zorghulpmiddelen. 


space for additional comments

There might be things you noticed during testing that we haven’t asked about yet. In this section, feel free to provide any additional comments you would like to share. 

I enjoyed testing this rollator, and I hope my comments have adequately addressed the questions asked. I am definitely enthusiastic about this product and am interested in purchasing it when it becomes available. I look forward to receiving your brochure. 


star rating

In response to all questions, we would like to see a summary star rating. With how many stars from 1 to 5 do you rate the product or products? Mark the number of stars. 

I give the products 5 stars. 

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 

Thank you Sylvia!

Thank you once again for completing the questionnaire and taking the time to test our products! Thanks to your input, we can share experiences with our customers and ensure our products are continuously improved. We hope you will enjoy using the products but judging by the gradesthat will be fine! 

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