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Discover the power of independence and sharing knowledge.

We are here to make life easy for our customers. Therefore, it is central to us that our products provide customers with Quality, support, service, and Functionality. We want to continue to do what we are good at. Therefore, it is crucial to maintain our quality standards. In this process, it is essential to contact the end user so that our products offer the perfect problem-solution fit.

We have spoken with daily aid user Maria. She shared her experience with us and we were extremely inspired by her story, which she positively and enthusiastically told.


user experience

1. How did you come across Vitility?

As they say, “Seek and you shall find!” I was searching for handy aids and came across them at Blokker. I decided to get one, and after being satisfied with the product, I bought more from your brand. Since then, I have become an enthusiastic and loyal customer! I even have people visiting me who are interested in the products and ask curious questions. Nowadays, I also shop regularly on Bol.com, where I discovered some of your brand’s products being sold.

What is your experience with Vitility products?

For many years, I have been using the lotion applicator and later the handy dressing stick. In 2014, I got a new knee, and since then, bending and reaching my legs has been a challenge. The lotion applicator turned out to be a fantastic solution, allowing me to take care of myself with great pleasure. Even after all these years, the product still works excellently!

After my husband’s passing in 2020, I temporarily stopped using the lotion applicator because he used to replace the sponges when needed. I was afraid I wouldn’t have enough strength in my hands to do it myself. Over time, I realized that my independence was important, even though some things get more challenging as you get older. So, I decided to start using the products again.

When I needed new sponges, I ordered them, but to my surprise, they were for the new black lotion applicator and didn’t fit my old blue one. I hesitated but decided to email you. Fortunately, it turned out well as you immediately sent the right sponges. And what a relief, I could easily put them on the applicator myself! Since then, I’ve been thoroughly enjoying taking care of my legs and can finally use the creams I bought. I feel completely pampered and cared for after using the applicator. After these wonderful experiences, I’ve decided that if my old version ever breaks, I will definitely purchase the new lotion applicator with the black handle!

2. Which products do you use, if you don’t mind sharing?

Of course, I’d love to share! I use the lotion applicator, dressing stick, and handy reacher daily. I must admit that I don’t use the dressing stick’s shoehorn side as intended. I don’t really read instructions and use the products in my own way, and it works perfectly for me! I believe it’s essential that products work the way I want them to. Everyone has their own preferences, and the same goes for aids.

What challenges do you face, and how does this tool offer the best solution? Please explain.

Since birth, I have faced challenges with my muscular system, making it difficult to reach my legs and feet. Fortunately, I can easily reach everything from my legs up to the top of my head, but I need some extra help for my legs. After a few falls, I have become more cautious with more intensive movements. Now, I can no longer walk and move around with a wheelchair. To easily pick up objects or reach higher items, I gratefully use the handy reacher. With my height of 1.55 meters, this reacher is truly ideal!

I never use the shoehorn side of the dressing stick foam; instead, I use the other side daily to put on my shoes. I close my shoes with elastic, which works perfectly. This product I always keep within reach.

3. What do you think of the price-quality ratio?

I have several reachers in different rooms of my house, including the living room, kitchen, toilet, bathroom, and more. They are from different brands, and there is a clear difference in price and quality between them. Some reachers are very expensive or of poor quality.

4. Name the advantages of the product.

I can reuse the sponge multiple times by tapping it on a towel to clean it. Then, I store it in a plastic bag to keep everything neat. This way, the product lasts for years! Besides, the wall or door remains clean as nothing is left behind. Then, after a long time, I take a new sponge that lasts a long time.

When I visit others, I take the products with me as they are easy to carry. In the past, my husband and I had these products in our vacation home in France, so I didn’t have to carry them twice.

5. Name the disadvantages of the product.

The dressing stick had a loose piece of plastic that became somewhat fragile over the years. The shoehorn side of the stick is too slippery, which is why I don’t use it.

Another drawback is that the product cannot be hung as there is no hole in the handle. So, my husband and I made a hole ourselves and hung them all in the closet. That’s something I miss – the ease of hanging the product. The same goes for the dressing stick.

6. What do you like most about the products?

What I appreciate most is that these products help me maintain my independence. My husband used to do a lot for me, but I didn’t want to depend on others. So, I learned to use aids, which is why I have such products everywhere – lying around, standing, and hanging. That way, I can pick them up easily. From a young age, I was taught to do everything myself because my mother always said, “Just do it first, and we’ll learn along the way.” This is also my experience with using aids because, after a while, you get used to it, and it becomes a daily routine. It’s something I cherish immensely!


room for additional comments

There might be things you noticed during testing that we haven’t asked about yet. In this section, we’d like to give you the opportunity to share any experiences you’d like to.

Absolutely! Children are also excited about these aids. They ask many questions, and I love explaining everything to them. It’s important for children to learn that using aids when necessary is entirely normal.

I used a walker for a long time as well. From a child’s logic, only old people have walkers because old people are grey. So, children used to ask, “Why does she have a walker? That’s a ‘grandma wagon,’ right?” Apparently not, because I had one too when I had trouble walking, and I wasn’t even a grandma at the time.

I believe it’s important for children to know about these products and understand that using a walker is entirely normal. I don’t mind if a child is curious or stares; in fact, I find it enjoyable. I gladly explain how, for example, the mobility scooter I use works, like what a ‘turtle’ and ‘hare’ mean. It’s wonderful to see the curiosity of children and their understanding grow.

I approach everyone with love and care.

In addition to children, many adults are also unaware of the purpose of these products. That’s why I’m always happy to raise awareness about what’s available. Sharing knowledge is a powerful way to help people. Even an occupational therapist once asked me what I had hanging around the house. I simply replied, “Daily Living Aids!” People are naturally curious about such tools. If they have questions about the products and are considering using them, I will never tell them they must buy them. I encourage them to come to their own conclusions.

Everyone has different needs and may use the products in a way different from mine. The key is to make them aware of the possibilities that exist.


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I give the products 5 stars. 

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Thank you Maria!

Maria, thank you very much for this fantastic interview! Your positive attitude and determination to inspire others are truly inspiring. We are delighted that you chose to share these experiences with us.

Through this enthusiastic and cheerful interview, we have gained insight into Maria’s world of independence and knowledge sharing. Her passion for aids and inspiring others shines through in every answer she gives. It is evident that Maria doesn’t only use daily living aids to make her life easier but also to raise awareness about the possibilities available to others. She is a true source of inspiration for many!

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