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Review: hand- and footcare

We are here to make life easy for our customers. 

Therefore, it is central to us that our products provide customers with Quality, support, service, and Functionality. We want to continue to do what we are good at. Therefore, it is crucial to maintain our quality standards. In this process, it is essential to contact the end user so that our products offer the perfect problem-solution fit.  

This time we have been in contact with skin therapist Fleur! For one week, she tested the hand and foot care line. Then, based on a questionnaire, she offered insight into her user experience with the products in question.

We asked questions within three themes. Theme 1 is the packaging, since purchasing a product all starts with first looking at the product’s packaging!

theme 1


1. What do you think of the look of the packaging? 
The packaging looks sleek. For example, I notice that there is an immediate focus on the functionality of the product. On the front is a drawing of where the product is in use, and on the back, an atmospheric photo with the complete product line catches my eye. I notice the name of the product in different translations. You can see the product’s functionality through pictures of the product.  

2. We find it essential with our FSC packaging that we meet a quality standard. What did you think of the quality of the packaging? 
I like the quality of the packaging. However, I noticed that the packaging of the pumice stone with a brush is also wrapped in plastic. Perhaps the use of plastic can be dispensed in the future, with a view to sustainability. 

[Answer from us: This is valuable feedback, and it is nice that our customer also values sustainability. It is a dot on the horizon for us to become more and more sustainable. However, selling products with a medical/care purpose remains challenging because a product must stay protected and clean. We hope to develop a plastic replacement solution to supply the products clinically clean for the time being.

3. The packaging explains how to use the product using photos. Does this explanation make the use of the product (un)clear? Please explain why it is clear or needs to be clarified. 
The images look clear, and I know the product’s purpose. Only the QR-codes still need to be fixed.  

[Answer from us: Indeed, the QR-code did not work at the time of testing because these are brand-new products, and there are no videos yet. These are, however, in production. Until then, we have processed this feedback and led the QR-codes to a video of the predecessor, the white with blue variant!]  

4. There are 11 product name translations and a QR-code leading to a product video on the packaging. Do you understand what everything means on the packaging, such as the descriptions above? If not, what not? 
Yes & No, because the product name is clear to me, as I speak English just fine. However, as a Dutch customer, I find the English translation of ‘pumice stone’ on the front of the packaging more difficult. Still, this may be related to international marketability. So the QR-codes still need to be fixed. 

5. Is the packaging readable? Kindly enlighten. If not, what makes it more readable? 
Yes, the packaging is easy to read. There is a clear font on it that is large enough.

theme 2

user experience

1. What is your experience with the products? 
All products have an excellent grasp. I believe this is due to the black anti-slip material, which makes it comfortable to hold onto. In addition, I found the tweezers sharp enough to grab thin hair. 

2. What do you think of the value for money? 
I think the value for money is excellent. It’s certainly not too expensive for what you get. 

3. Name one advantage of the product & describe what you like most about it. 
For example, a benefit for me is the grip. Unfortunately, you often don’t see such an excellent grip with these types of products. But that is not the case with these products because the rubbery material is a lovely plus side. 

4. What is the most crucial aspect that the product must meet? 
It must be a solid product that will not break after a single use. 

5. On a scale of 1 to 10, how do you like the product? 
See the following pillars: 

    • Ease of use – Grade: 8 
    • Design (think, Design, etc.)  – Grade: 9 
    • Practical – Grade: 8 
    • Quality  – Grade: 8 
    • Comfort – Grade: 8 
    • Functionality – Grade: 8 

6. Your information shows that you have knowledge as a skin therapist and therefore have expertise about the skin and nails. Based on your knowledge and background, we are very curious about your opinion on the products. Are these products recommended and suitable for the people you work with? Please explain why or why not and what you want to see changed. 
As a skin therapist, I occasionally use a tweezer in my practice. After testing the tweezer, it lived up to my expectations. For example, good tweezers must be able to remove small objects from the skin and use them for precise actions. 

theme 3

star rating

In response to all questions, we would like to see a summary star rating. With how many stars from 1 to 5 do you rate the product or products? Mark the number of stars. 

I give the product 4 stars. 


★ ★ ★ ★ 

Thank you Fleur!

We thank Fleur for completing the questionnaire and for testing the products! Thanks to this input, we can share experiences with you and ensure that our products are improved. We hope that Fleur will enjoy the products!

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