Conni Zwembroek Zwart/Blauw 96 cm


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Kleur: Zwart
Geslacht: Heren
Maat Heren: 58 / XXL

Conni reusable neoprene swimwear is designed for use with urine and faecal incontinence. The swimming trunks provide a safe feeling during water activities if an unexpected accidents happens. It prevents the loss of urine and feces in the water. That is why the swimsuit has an extra inside trousers. Conni swimwear can be tightened by pulling the cords that are attached to the waist and the legs. The swimsuit is available in 4 different designs that are tailored for men and women. The swimsuit can be washed in a maximum of 40 degrees without the use of fabric softener. You must dry the swimming trunks in the open air. The swimsuit can be used several times and is therefore a good cost-saving and environmentally friendly alternative to disposable material.

  • Incontinence swimmin trunk
  • Size: 96 cm
  • Color: black/blue