When you have trouble with writing or you can’t write independently anymore at all, there are several aids that could be helpful. The kind of writing aids depends on the problems that you experience. Check the solutions that Vitility offers below.

Pen grips

The pen grip provides increased control and manoeuvrability while writing. By sliding the pen grips over a pen or pencil your grip increases and writing becomes easy and natural. The pen grip improves handwriting, helps to give more control, and reduces hand fatigue. The Vitility pen grips are available in several forms and measures.

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Foam grips

The foam grips increase a better control of holding objects with a narrow handle. The Vitility foam grips are made of nonslip material and can be made in different sizes.

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When you have trouble with writing or you aren’t able to write independently at all, there are special pens and aids in our assortment that might offer a solution.

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