Do you have difficulties with reading or holding a book? Check out here which possibilities the Vitility aids offer. Vitility offers practical and handy products for the visual impaired, like a simple magnifier or an advanced bookstand.


When you’ve become visual impaired, reading could be a problem. This is a problem that isn’t solvable with ordinary glasses. You will need extra aids for this problem. These aids are also known as ‘low vision’ aids. Amongst these aids for the visual impaired is, for example, the magnifier that provides you a better sight.

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Do you have problems with holding a magazine or book? There are several aids to help you with this matter. While reading you could use a bookstand. The bookstand can be used both vertically and horizontally due to the flexible swivelling mechanism. Two adjustable clamps enable you to put a single sheet as well as a thick book on the stand.

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