Are you less mobile but love to work in your garden? Especially for you Vitility has put together a collection of handy tools for the garden. These garden tools are extended so you have a good reach and they also have user-friendly handles that you can grab easily.

Garden aids

The ergonomic garden tools of Vitility are ideal for gardeners that work from a sitting position or have problems with bending over. Use the arm support in combination with these garden tools so you have more control and also the weight will be more divided.

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Handle D&T grip

These special grips can get attached to home and garden tools such as shovels, rakes, brooms, and vacuum cleaners. These handles provide you an ergonomic grip that improves leverage and power with less back bending and wrist strain. These handles provide you more strength during push and pull movements.

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Garden seats

The maintaining of your garden doesn’t have to be a problem no more because your tasks become easier due to the lightweight and portable garden seats. The soft surfaces won’t affect your (sore) knees. The seats have handy handles that help you with getting up or kneeling down.

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