Food and drinks are the source of energy for all of our bodily functions and directly affect how our bodies and minds function in every stage of life. Eating independently isn’t always possible for everybody. Vitility has a wide product range of cups, plates, cutlery and kitchen aids. All these aids have special functions that ensure that eating and drinking gets easier.


The usage of cutlery is such a natural action that one hardly ever realizes that for certain people it is a difficult task. Because of the weight of the cutlery or due to its shape or the way that one uses it, it could be difficult. Vitility has special cutlery in its assortment to make the process of eating easier.

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Plates with a high rim are suitable for people who have problems with their wrist joints or have difficulties with their coordination. The high rim prevents food from slipping of the plate also it provides eating independently. By moving the spoon or fork towards the back of the plate you can use the high rim of the plate to get the food onto the spoon or fork.

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The cup with an opening for the nose is ideal for people who have restricted neck and head movement due to, for example arthritis or a whiplash. The cup is designed to enable the user to drink using little to no shoulder or head/neck movements. Cups with two handles provide that one can hold the cup good and firm. For many cups there are matching lids with spouts. A spout ensures that liquid can be dosed and it prevents spilling. Thereby one can drink independently. Vitility has a wide selection of cups, so there are suitable cups for everyone!

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