Putting a key in the keyhole and turning the key seems like a simple task, but can be a difficult job when you suffer from rheumatism or when you have a weak grip. The key turner provides easy grip and good leverage for turning a key. For knobs and taps there are knob turners that make the opening or closing of knobs easier.

Key turner

The key turner with a thickened handle is suitable for individuals with limited hand strength or grasping ability. The key turner is designed to triple the leverage, allowing a person to open hard to turn locks with less effort. The keys can be folded into the handle when not in use. The key turner can hold up to three keys.

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Knob turner

The knob turner gives a better grip to turn knobs. Place the knob turner on a twist knob, on the oven for example, a tap or a cupboard. When the turner is pushed onto the object, the flexible pins in the knob turner fix around the knob, key or switch. The comfortable handle provides extra force. Suitable for knobs with a diameter up to 3.2 cm.

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