Vitility has several articles that support walking and walking. Think of elbow crutches and various types of walking sticks. For home or when traveling, for more or less support, Vitility has the right solution.

Vitility Rollator
The Vitility Rollator is ergonomically designed for optimum user convenience. The sleek black and white design is both modern and innovative at the same time. The walker has a backrest, a storage bag, a shopping bag and a walking stick holder. The walker is height adjustable, made of lightweight material and easy and compact to take with you. Including storage bag for € 34.95
Vitility 2-in-1 Rollator
The 2-in-1 Rollator from Vitility is an innovative product with multiple functions. The 2-in-1 walker can easily be transformed from walker to a transport chair. No more worries that you cannot sustain a walk. You can easily change function when tired. By simply converting the footrests and turning the backrest you can turn it into a transport chair. The large wheels give the transport chair extra stability and the backrest provides extra comfort.
Vitility indoor walker
The indoor walker from Vitility is an ideal tool for the home. The two removable trays make it possible to transport food and drinks indoors. This allows people to stay at home independently for longer. The inner rollator is lightweight, manoeuvrable through the small turning circle and adjustable in height.