Preparing food can be quite a challenge. Vitility has kitchen utensils in its range that make the preparation of food easier. Adapted kitchen utensils that help with cutting bread, vegetables and meat.

Chopping board - steady
The cutting board has two angled corners with raised studs and a non-slip surface on the top. This makes it possible to spread bread with one hand and ensures that the bread does not slip. The front can be placed over the edge of the table or the counter, so that the shelf cannot slide away during use. The underside of the shelf is also equipped with anti-slip caps.
Bread knife - ergonomic
Vitility kitchen aids have an angled grip, so that only minimal effort is required. The angled handle of the kitchen aids keeps the hand, wrist and arm in a natural (anatomical) position and thus prevents excessive effort and forcing the wrist and related pain and / or inflammation. Although the kitchen aids are made of stainless steel, they are lightweight. The handle feels comfortable and has a non-slip layer.
Peeler - ergonomic
The peeler is equipped with a rotating knife, so that only a small movement of the wrist or elbow is required.