Vitility has a varied range of drinking cups that make drinking easier and more pleasant. For example, the cups have a better grip or sturdy handles. There are also a number of drinking cups with other adjustments such as a nose recess.

Cup - Novo
The cup gives the possibility to drink in a lying position. The amount of liquid that comes out of the cup can be regulated by sucking on the mouthpiece. Use for hot and cold liquids.
Cup - Nosey
The cup with nose recess is ideal for people who can only move their head and neck to a limited extent due to, for example, joint infections or whiplash. The cup is made to allow the user to drink with little to no shoulder or head movements. The cup can also be used when wearing a neck collar.
Cup - Sure-Grip grey
Because of the ergonomic design the cup is easy to hold. The shape of the cup provides better grip and comfort, so it cannot slip away. Suitable for cold and hot drinks.