Convenience in the kitchen

A carton of milk that does not open, a jar that the lid will not release or a can that few nails can withstand … getting things open can sometimes be difficult. That is why Vitility has several openers in its range.

Bread knife - ergonomic
Vitility kitchen aids have an angled grip, so that only minimal effort is required. The angled handle of the kitchen aids keeps the hand, wrist and arm in a natural (anatomical) position and thus prevents excessive effort and forcing the wrist and related pain and / or inflammation. Although the kitchen aids are made of stainless steel, they are lightweight. The handle feels comfortable and has a non-slip layer.
Multi Opener - Handy
With the multi opener you can easily, without much force, open bottles, jars and cans with a lip closure. The opener has a comfortable handle which provides extra grip. Suitable for dishwasher.
Antislip set
Using the two openers in the anti-slip set, less effort is required to open or close jars and bottles up to 10 cm / 3.9 inches. The set also contains a non-slip mat. The material is very flexible, gives a comfortable grip and does not slip during use.