Comfort in the house

Everyone wants more comfort at home. Not only out of necessity but also out of convenience. Vitility products make uncomfortable operations simple and pleasant again.

Furniture raiser - small
The furniture booster is specially designed for raising beds so that getting up and going to bed becomes easier. The furniture boosters are placed under the legs (max. 10 x 10 cm) of the bed and are supplied per set of four. The furniture enhancers have a non-slip surface on the part where the legs of the bed are placed. The small furniture booster raises the bed by 7 cm.
Key turner
The key holder with a thickened handle is suitable for persons who have difficulty holding thin keys or have limited hand function. The large handle makes it easier to turn the keys. A maximum of three keys can be placed in the key holder. Suitable for keys with a round opening. The keys can be folded. Excluding keys.