Medicine boxes come in all shapes and sizes. For a day or for a week, for use at home of for on the go, even with an app. Vitility has a wide range and a solution for many situations. 

Pill organiser - week
Medication can be kept in the pill box, divided over the seven days of the week. In addition, a distinction can be made between morning, afternoon, evening and night. In this way the tablets can be kept conveniently and separately.
Medical cooling bag - large
The cooling bag consists of a cool and protective case and is suitable for medicines which have to be kept cool, such as insulin. The cooling case is equipped with gel, which absorbs cold water and can therefor keep the medication at room temperature (15 °C - 25 °C) about 4 days depending on the ambient temperature.
Pill splitter
With the pill splitter you can simply split a pill in two. A knife in the holder ensures that the pill is split in two. The pills can be stored in the front pocket.