Unfortunately, our bodies don’t always do what we want them to. Sometimes we need some support, in order to recover or in fact to avoid injuries. Vitility has bandages and slings that fit comfortably and support the body.  

Elbow - heel protector
The elbow - heel protector provides pressure relief for the elbow or heel. It helps to prevent sagging. The protector can be slid onto the elbow or heel and then secured with the Velcro fastener. The protector is filled with fire-retardant polyesterand is available in one size.
Arm sling - wrist
The arm sling wrist provides effective support to the arm for recuperation. The full weight of the arm is carried in the arm sling wrist. The strap goes over the head and across the back, shoulder and underarm. This arm sling has one universal size and is adjustable in length.
Cervical collar - large
The cervical collar provides a firm but pleasant support for the neck. This relieves the pain. The cervical collar is easy to open and close with the Velcro fastener.