Feeling fit and happy in your skin is wonderful. That’s why Vitility has products that can help with this. The products are suitable for use at home. After all a weekly trip to the gym is not for everybody. 

Pedal exerciser
The pedal exerciser improves muscle strength, condition, blood circulation and coordination of the lower part of the body. Only to be used in a sitting position, for example, while watching TV or sitting in the garden. The pedal exerciser has a black steel frame.
Handtherapy putty - extra extra soft
The handtherapy products and materials are suitable for training the power in fingers, hands and wrists. They also can be used for rehabilitation excercises and for improving the grip of weakened fingers and hands. The products are available in different colours. Every colour has its own resistance.
Massage ball - large
The flexible plastic ball is suitable for finger exercises and grip improvement. Stimulates the sense of touch in the hands and improves the flexibility and power in the fingers. The ball is covered with soft rounded spines for stimulation of the muscles and tingling in the nerves of the hand.