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Bed tray, for eating and working in bed

If you are bedridden, you have to stay in bed for a certain amount of time. Only you don't just want to lie down. That's boring. You also want to be able to eat comfortably in bed or work on your laptop or tablet. VITILITY has a bed tray for this. Thanks to the recess at the bottom of the bed tray, you can place the tray over your legs when you are in bed. This gives you the tray close to you and makes it easier to eat or read something. We are also advised against putting our laptop on our lap. Thanks to the Bed tray, you don't have to put your laptop on your lap. This way you can work on your laptop carefree in bed. But to provide you with even more comfort, the bed tray has 3 storage compartments on the sides. On one side you have an elongated box and a round box. You can place a bottle or a cup in the round box, for example. In the elongated compartment you can place a remote control or your tablet. On the other side, the tray has an elongated compartment over the entire width. Here you could place somewhat larger objects or your other objects, such as a book, magazine or newspaper. If you do not have an electrically adjustable bed, we recommend that you use the bed tray in combination with the bed backrest. The bed backrest is adjustable in different heights. This allows you to eat, read or work in bed with even more comfort.

  • Comfortable eating, reading or working in bed
  • Extra storage compartments

Comfortable eating, reading or working in bed

The bed tray allows you to comfortably eat, read or work in bed. Thanks to the recess at the bottom, you can easily place the bed tray over your legs. This gives you the bed tray close to you. Because the tray has a large surface at the top, it can easily fit a plate and even a laptop or newspaper. As a result, you have your hands free and you can eat, read or work with more comfort.

Extra storage compartments

Because the bed tray has extra storage compartments, you can neatly store your belongings and keep them close to you. On the one hand you have an elongated and a round box. You can place a bottle or cup in the round compartment. But in the elongated compartment you can, for example, put a remote control, a book or tablet. On the other side there is also an elongated storage compartment, where you can put your other stuff. Because the box is slightly larger, you can store larger objects such as a newspaper or magazine. Because of the many storage compartments, you have everything at hand, and you can stay in bed for longer with more comfort.

Length 59.0 cm (23.23 inch)
Width 30.5 cm (12.01 inch)
Height 20.6 cm (8.11 inch)
Weight 0.66 kg (1.45 lbs)

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