Bath rail - 30 cm / 11.8 inch


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Wall rail 30 cm for easier standing up.

If you have trouble sitting down and getting up, it is very difficult to go to the toilet or take a bath yourself. The 30 cm rail provides extra support when sitting and standing up. Because the wall rail has a ribbed top layer, you have extra grip, so your hands cannot slip when you stand or sit down. The carrying capacity of the wall rail is 120 kg, making it suitable for many people. The rail can be attached to the wall at either end with three screws. Screws and plugs are included.

  • Extra support when standing up and sitting
  • Extra grip

Extra support when standing up and sitting

It is not nice if you need help to go to the toilet or take a bath. You prefer to do this yourself for as long as possible, so that you have more privacy. If you have reduced mobility, the wall rail helps to get up and sit down. By holding the wall rail you can stop yourself when you sit down and you can pull up on the wall rail to stand. Bathing in particular is quite a challenge if you have reduced mobility. The wall rail gives you more control and security when going in and out of the bath. But it remains a challenge to get over the bath rim and not to slip when you take a bath. We advise you to use the 80110150 bath step to get in the bath more easily and to use the 70110210 bath mat to avoid slipping when you take a bath.

Extra grip

The top layer of the wall rail is ribbed, which gives you extra grip when standing up and sitting down. The ribbed top layer of the wall rail prevents your hand from slipping when wet. This gives you more security and safety when getting up and sitting down.

Length 30.0 cm (11.81 inch)
Carrying Capacity 120 kg (264.48 lbs)
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