Shoe cover Ice Cover M 36-41


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Shoe cover Ice Cover size 36-41

The shoe cover Ice Cover provides perfect and safe grip in the snow or on ice. They are easy and quick to put on, they simply slide over the shoe or boot. The spikes on the underside of the Ice Cover ensure that people do not slip or fall. You can safely walk, do your shopping or pick up your (grand) children from school. The Ice Cover remains flexible up to -40 degrees, so it is also suitable during the winter sports holiday. Suitable for any occasion, unlike Snow Boots.

Comes in a water-repellent bag, so they are easy to carry in your bag or pocket of your jacket.

Delivered in pairs.
There are three different sizes
Size 36-41 (M)
Size 39-46 (L)
Size 45-47 (XL)
Weight 152 grams

  • More grip on ice and snow
  • Supplied in a water-resistant bag for easier portability

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