Conni Swim Short, Child, Sunset 52 cm


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Color: Pink
: Unisex Children
Size Children
: 134

Swim Shorts created to provide kids a safe, secure and confident aquatic experience.
Unlike regular diapers that soak up large volumes of water, making them bulky, impractical and even dangerous when swimming, the Conni kids Swim Shorts feature a lightweight neoprene which contours to your child's body when wet.
Our 3 point containment technology traps fecal matter when those unexpected accidents occur, delaying void-causing germs from leaking into the water.

Light weight neoprene
Flexible and comfortable with a built-in-brief
Adjustable drawstring and toggles around waist & legs
Leg gasket seals for a no-slip fit and secure containment
Easy to clean
Simple to use
Suitable for boys & girls