Conni Underwear Child, pink 56cm


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Color: Pink
: Girls
Size Children
: 104

This is for girls who suffer from mild urine loss after they are already clean or when they want to become toilet trained and they sometimes have a small accident. The underpants have an absorbent part at the front and back. This absorbent part ensures that clothing is protected against possible loss of urine. It completely isolates the odor. They are available in 3 colors and in seven different sizes. They can be washed up to 80 degrees without the use of fabric softener and can be used in the dryer up to 80 degrees. These can be used several times and are therefore a cost-saving and environmentally friendly alternative to disposable products. It feels soft and looks like a normal underpants which makes it comfortable to wear. He is for mild urine loss.

Absorption: 150 ml