Conni Underwear Man Oscar, grey S


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Color: Gray
: Men
Size Men
: 46 / S

Conni underpants have an absorbent layer on the inside that can absorb up to 350 ml of urine and ensure that the outer layer stays dry. The Conni underpants are therefore waterproof and absorbent and designed to offer optimal protection in light incontinence. This product can ensure that you feel optimally protected if you suffer from urge incontinence, drip incontinence and neurological incontinence and after a urological operation in which one is training to become a full continent again. These underpants can give you a lot of comfort.
They can be washed in the washing machine to 80 degrees without using fabric softener and may be dried in the dryer up to 80 degrees
Because they are washable they can be used several times and therefore a good cost-saving and environmentally friendly alternative to the disposable products.
Absorbency: 350 ml