Diabetes sock Casual Plus black L. Extra discount when buying 3/6 pairs


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Diabetes sock Dress Casual Plus Black L for more comfort with skin irritations

You can suffer from skin irritations, wounds, infections or ulcers on your feet due to Diabetes or Arthritis. This makes it difficult to put on normal socks. Since normal sock often has seams, they can cause irritation due to friction over sensitive areas. The material of standard socks can also cause irritation and increase the chance of mold by scalding in a shoe. For more comfort with skin irritations, VITILITY has the Diabetes Sock Dress Casual Plus. Because the Diabetes Sock has no seams, there can be no irritation with friction. In addition, the socks are made of the finest Egyptian cotton and the fibers have a unique structure with silver ions. This ensures that the socks are wrinkle-free and have an excellent fit, but also have excellent antibacterial and moisture-regulating properties. The sock also ensures an even pressure distribution. So, if you regularly suffer from your feet due to irritation from wounds or infections, the Diabetes Sock is the ideal solution for that. Because the socks are antibacterial due to the silver ions, they are also suitable for people who suffer from athlete's foot. The sock also prevents skin irritation, wounds, infections and ulcers. Size 41 - 44,5

  • Seamless and made of fine Egyptian cotton
  • Antibacterial due to the use of silver ions

Seamless and made of fine Egyptian cotton

If you suffer from skin irritations or cuts, seams in a sock can be annoying. Because you walk or move, friction is created, and the seams cause even more irritation. The material of a sock can also be just a bit too coarse, causing even more irritation. This makes wearing socks very uncomfortable. That's why the Diabetes Sock is seamless and made from the finest Egyptian cotton. Thanks to this combination, the sock has a perfect fit and there is no irritation with friction. This in turn provides more wearing comfort. In addition, the sock ensures an even pressure distribution.

Antibacterial due to the use of silver ions

If you suffer from cuts or fungi, this can get worse with normal socks. Because heat is generated in the shoe, it can heat up and bacteria and fungi are more likely. That is why the Diabetes Sock has incorporated silver ions into the structure of the fibers. Silver ions have an antibacterial effect. So, thanks to the silver ions in the sock, bacteria and fungi have no chance. This makes them ideal for people with Diabetes, Arthritis or athlete's foot. But due to its comfortable fit and unique effect, they are also suitable for people with sensitive feet.