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Writing aids

When you have painful joints or better strength in your hands, carefree writing is no longer automatic. You can no longer hold a pen or pencil and writing becomes more and more difficult. If this is not easy, you will only notice that you write regularly. For example when filling in a form and even quickly signing it.

Vitility has developed a number of handy writing solutions for this. So that you can write carefree again. We have ensured that all these products are convenient to use and can be taken with you.

Handle thickeners

The handle thickeners thicken the grip and width of a pen, making it easier to hold and use a pen. The better grip allows you to hold a pen or pencil and write without discomfort.

Pen for rheumatism

The Vitility Rheumatism Pen is specially designed for people with rheumatism. This pen features a curved thumb grip that allows you to overstretch your index finger. So you don't have to put as much pressure on your fingers when writing something down.

Ring pen

The ring pen is made by combining a nice piece of knowledge and product. You can slide the ring pen around your index finger so that the center of gravity and fulcrum are equal and you can write with minimal effort.

Pen thickeners

The Vitility Pen Thickeners can easily be slid around a pen. The pre-formed thickener makes the pen easy and comfortable to hold. Now you can again write carefree and controlled drawing.

We have all the products in house to be able to draw and write carefree again. Even if you have less strength in your hands, less coordination, not steady hands, or rheumatism, these products make it a lot easier again. Do you have a question which suits you best? Then contact our product specialists.