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Aids for reading and better vision

One of the most common complaints with aging is a decrease in your vision. To help you with this, we have designed useful products that improve your vision in daily activities.

Magnifying glass

We have different magnifying glasses in stock. For example the classic magnifying glass, pocket magnifying glass, and the hands-free magnifying glass. The classic magnifying glass has a 2x and a 6x zoom. The magnifying glass has a light, so you can still read the letters in low light. The pocket magnifier is a magnifying glass that magnifies the print 4x and the small size makes it easy to take this product with you. The hand-free version can be used without your hands. This is of course super useful when you need the magnifying glass and you are doing crafts or other handicrafts. Because the magnifying glass has a stand and a neck strap, you can use the magnifying glass without having to hold it. By putting the neck strap around your neck and placing the stand against your chest, the magnifying glass will hang. The magnifying glass has a large glass that magnifies 1.5x and a smaller portion in the glass that magnifies 4x, useful when you need more precision such as needlework or crafting. The magnifying glass also has a light. The hands-free magnifying glass is an ideal solution if you want to read, do crafts, or crafts and you want to have both hands free.


If you like to read and you can no longer easily hold your book or magazine, we recommend using a book stand. With this bookstand, you can place a book or magazine in the desired position. So you can easily use this stand to read but also to place a cookbook, for example.

We have several resources to support you in reading. In addition to the above products, we also have a handy Page Turn Help, Ruler with a magnifying glass, and a magnifying glass in the shape of a credit card to make reading comfortable again.