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Of course it is very annoying, when you have to carry out your hobbies with difficulty or pain. Unfortunately due to certain conditions or diminishing strength, there is a chance that this will happen. To ensure that you can continue to enjoy your hobby for as long as possible, Vitility has a wide range of aids. For example, Vitility has handy playing cards with extra-large symbols in its range. Having trouble holding the playing cards? With the playing cardholder, you can place the playing cards in front of you and you do not have to hold the cards.

Is your hobby sewing? It can be quite difficult to put the thread through the eye of the needle. Vitility has a handy solution for this, the Needle Easy Needle. The uniqueness of this needle is that you do not have to push the thread through the eye. Because the needle consists of two different parts at the top, they separate when you pull the thread through. After you put the wire through it, the two parts come together again, this way the wire cannot come out during use. The Easy Needle makes it easier to work with needle and thread, even if you miss fine mobility.

We have a wide range of scissors for people who have less mobility and still want to tinker. We have multifunctional scissors that you can even cut your meat and vegetables with, but also self-opening scissors, scissors for left and right-handed people, and even table scissors. The scissors are available in models for children and for the elderly.

We like to invent and develop tools to make the lives of many people much easier. Do you have a question or would you like advice about a medical aid? Please contact one of our product specialists. We are happy to help you.