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Office & leisure

Writing, typing, reading, gardening, crafting are all hobbies or work-related activities. When you get reduced mobility and strength, these daily activities are more difficult or impossible to perform. But a small adjustment to the product makes it possible to carry out your hobby or work again without problems.

The hobby products are very useful to entertain a person.  Playing a game of cards? With the playing card set with extra-large symbols, With the playing card set with extra-large symbols, it is no longer a problem for people with less vision to play a game of cards. Do you suffer from shaky hands and is it difficult to hold the cards? With the Vitility playing cardholder , you can easily place the cards in front of you and you do not have to hold the cards in your hand. We have special scissors  in our range for tinkering. For example, these adapted scissors open automatically or have an enlarged finger grip. With the magnifying glasses from Vitility, you can easily read the fine print again. We have the magnifying glasses in different versions;  the classic magnifying glass, a a magnifying glass, for your pocker and a magnifying glass with a cord and support that allows you to use the magnifying glass without hands.

Vitility has various aids for writing support. The pen and pencil thickeners make it easy to hold and write a pen or pencil comfortably. Do you or do you know someone with rheumatism? With our special rheumatism pens, you prevent the finger from being overstretched and you do not have to exert as much pressure on the pen.

Always enjoy working in the garden, but unfortunately, this is no longer so easy for you. With the gardening products from Vitility, you can once again garden with less effort and strength. The products have an ergonomically shaped handle that is made of a non-slip material that feels soft and comfortable and is resistant to water. Our tools for the garden consist of garden shovel, garden rake, garden hoe, garden fork, and garden shovel. The products are available in a long arm and short arm. .The products are available in a long arm and short arm.