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What is a rollator?

The most commonly used aid for the elderly is the walker. The walker helps people who have difficulty walking. With a rollator you can walk and get support at the same time, this product making it easier to move. A walker has four wheels and two hand rests on which you can lean. With the brakes, you ensure that you do not roll off something and that the rollator stops. The walkers from Vitility are made of sturdy material and lightweight. There are different models available, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

When do you need a rollator?

You need a walker when you start to become less mobile and you don't move with confidence. But also if you are occasionally dizzy or notice that you get tired more quickly. Walking with a rollator gives you confidence and ensures that you can walk a bit without worry.

But what should you pay attention to when buying a walker?

Rollators come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and designs. So take a good look at what you are going to use the rollator for. Is it inside, outside, or both. In addition, the size is very important. You must avoid adopting a wrong posture when walking. To determine if you have the right size walker, first stand up straight and keep your hands at your sides. Now measure the distance from the ground to your wrists. This size is the size in which you should be able to adjust the rollator. All Vitility rollators are adjustable in heights, making them suitable for every customer.

Different types of walkers

Indoor rollator

The indoor rollator is suitable and made for safe walking around the house. This product is very maneuverable and has space for 2 trays. The trays mean you don't have to walk up and down as often. Super handy for when you have visitors or have to bring several things with you. The parking brake ensures that the indoor roller does not reverse unexpectedly. Are you looking for a maneuverable and comfortable walker? Then choose the handy indoor rollator from Vitility.

Standard Rollator Foldable

The standard walker is the walker that you most often encounter on the street. The standard walker is equipped with all the inconveniences you need. This sturdy product is foldable, making it easy to carry. Thanks to the ergonomic handles, the rollator lies comfortably in the hand and you can go hiking and shopping again with confidence. With the special wheels, you have more grip outside and it leaves no marks.

Rollator comfort

The rollator comfort is more comfortable than the standard walker. The Rollator Comfort has larger wheels so that you can easily get on and off a sidewalk. The backrest of this walker is more comfortable so that your back will be less bothered while sitting. This product also has a large shopping bag where things can be stored, a walking stick holder, and a storage bag. Equipped with a hand and parking brake, so you can always travel safely.

Rollator and wheelchair in 1

The name says it all... This walker is a walker and wheelchair in one. When there is less strength in your legs or when you can no longer walk, this walker + wheelchair is the ideal solution! If you have no energy for a short walk, you can easily take a seat in the wheelchair. Now you can always go out without fear of falling. Naturally, the rollator has a parking brake and a hand brake. By pushing the brakes down under the handles you put the rollator on the parking brake. When you squeeze the brakes again, you can release the walker from the parking brake. Thanks to the parking brake, you can sit down safely and you don't have to worry about it rolling away. By squeezing the brakes you can slow down the rollator when you walk. In this way, you can safely walk and be moved with the rollator 2 in 1. The walker also has a storage bag under the seat, where you can store your belongings.

Rollator Knee

The Rollator knee is specially made for people who have their lower leg in a cast and still want to move. Put your knee on the pillow and step yourself to your destination. Of course, the rollator knee has a handbrake, so you can brake on time and move safely. The Rollator knee also has a shopping bag, where you can store your belongings. The weight of the product is 11.6 kg and the maximum load capacity is 136 kg.

What does a walker cost?

Rollators are available in different price ranges. The cheapest rollator is the Vitility standard rollator and the most expensive walker from Vitility is the Rollator knee. But the right question is not what does a walker cost, but what it is worth? We are often told, "ohh why haven't I done this before?" or “wow I can move myself again with confidence”. If you have any questions about a rollator, please call one of our product specialists (++31 13-543 46 87) or email info@vitility.com..