NOTE: We are closed from December 25th until January 2nd. Orders received up to Friday dec 24rd at 12:00 PM will be sent by us the same day. 

Are you looking for the right elbow crutches?

Vitility's elbow crutches are made of strong aluminum. Because the stools are made of aluminum, they are light in weight. The crutches are equipped with anatomical handles that ensure that the crutches lie comfortably in your hands. Not sure if the stools are the right height? No problem, the elbow crutches are adjustable in length from 108 cm to 135.5 cm and the armrests are individually adjustable. This allows you to adjust the correct length of the forearm. The maximum load capacity is 135 kg and the color of the stools is black.

Are the rubber caps worn out?

You can easily replace these with our rubber caps for elbow crutches, so you can get back on the road safely and comfortably.