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Aids for lifting, sitting, and moving

When you are less mobile, it is annoying that you have difficulty with certain daily activities. Picking something up, getting out of bed, or bending over, it all seems so easy. Until you have trouble with it. Vitility has developed a number of handy aids for this so that you can live at home longer and do not become isolated.

Ring pillow

The ring pillow is a handy pillow that you can use when it is painful to give birth. The ring cushion relieves your seating area so that you no longer have pain in your seating area.

Turn cushion

The swivel cushion makes it easier to get out of bed and the car. This comfortable pillow not only gives more independence but also helps to care for someone with more comfort.

Back cushion

Do you suffer from back problems and do you need extra support? This comfortable back cushion relieves your back and provides the right support.

Lifting aid

It's already in the name, this product will help you get up. You place the stand-up aid on the seat of your chair or wheelchair and the lift mechanism provides an extra push to get you up.

Ramp Roll-up

Do you want to move with a mobility scooter or wheelchair? With this ramp, you can easily get off steps, sidewalks, or thresholds. Because this ramp is rollable, you can easily take it with you and store it. Do you have a question which suits you best? Then contact our product specialists.