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In the car

Getting in and out and other actions in the car is not as obvious for many people as you might think. Due to not being able to turn easily or having problems with your shoulder, certain movements are not pleasant to make. Vitility has developed several handy solutions for this.

Getting in and out

We have the car exit aid in our product range for getting in and out. With this product you can get out of the car a lot easier. You simply attach the aid to the frame of the door above the window. The belt can be adjusted to different gripping heights and is equipped with a handy handle. For the passengers we have the headrest bar. The headrest bar is attached to the headrest of the chair. By grasping the headrest bar you can pull yourself forward and turn. This makes it a lot easier to get out of the car. Do you find it difficult to make the turn while getting out? With the Turn cushion you can easily turn to the right direction with less effort to get out of the car with ease. If you cannot turn easily then the  seat belt grip be for you. If you cannot grasp the seat belt properly, you can attach the seat belt holder to your seat belt, so you have to turn less and put less strain on your back and shoulder.

With the products of Vitility you ensure that driving becomes a lot more pleasant again. Do you have any questions or need advice? Then contact our product specialists.