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Vegetable knife - ergonomic


€ 16.95 16.95 EUR incl. btw
Bread knife - ergonomic


€ 16.95 16.95 EUR incl. btw
Meat knife - ergonomic


€ 16.95 16.95 EUR incl. btw
Cheese slicer - ergonomic


€ 16.95 16.95 EUR incl. btw
Peeler - ergonomic


€ 9.95 9.95 EUR incl. btw


When  cutting  your vegetables, meat, or bread with a regular knife, bend your wrist and apply force. If you experience difficulty with this, it is advisable to use an ergonomic knife. The ergonomic knives from Vitility are equipped with soft and non-slip material handles. The handles are extra-wide, making them also suitable for people with less mobility. Because the angle of these knives is angled on the knives, you do not cut with the wrist but with your entire arm.

Vitility has  ergonomic carving knivesergonomic vegetable knives, ergonomic bread knives and a ergonomic knife + fork  in its range.