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Drinking aids

Staying vital and healthy starts with the right nutrition and enough fluid intake. When you start to get older or your motor skills deteriorate, standard cups cannot be useful to drink from. We have put together an extensive range for this so that you can drink carefree again.

In our product range, you will find cups for people who have a disability or are bedridden. For this, we have the special Handy Cup. With this cup, it is not necessary to tilt your head back. For people with less strength in their hands, we have the Sure-Grip cup. This cup has an ergonomic design and grooves, so you can better place your fingers around the cup.  

The walkers or wheelchairs are usually delivered without extras. This means that there are no extra aids on the rollator/wheelchair. We have designed and produced a special cup holder that you can attach to your walker/wheelchair. In the cup holder, you can easily place your glass or bottle with a drink. So you no longer have to ask other people if they can keep track of your drinking, handy right? This cup holder is easy to attach to the housing of the rollator/wheelchair.

As you can read, we have many different solutions to solve drinking problems. Take a quick look at our full range of cups especially for people with swallowing problems, Parkinson's, reduced motor skills, and many other conditions. Do you have a question about a particular cup or do you need advice? Then contact our product specialists.