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Comfort in the house

How nice would it be that with a few small adjustments you could live at home for years longer? We can guess the answer. Vitility has several super handy products to make uncomfortable actions simple and pleasant again. The products are not only for necessary interest but also for indoor convenience.

Furniture boosters / Bed boosters

You get in and out of bed every day. When your bed is too low it can be dangerous and difficult to get out of bed. Also, a home birth must have a minimum height of 80 cm. This is determined by the Working Conditions Act so that the nurse does not adopt an incorrect working posture. With the furniture boosters, you can easily raise your bed, chair, or other furniture. The 80 cm is measured from the ground to the top of your mattress. When this is below 80 cm, you can use our bed raisers. We have the raisers in a small version (7cm) and a high version (22cm). The furniture and bed raisers are supplied per 4 pieces, one for each leg. You can also use this product to raise a chair or other furniture.