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Pill organiser - week


€ 9.95 9.95 EUR incl. btw
Pill box


€ 5.95 5.95 EUR incl. btw
Pill box - week


€ 7.95 7.95 EUR incl. btw
Pill processor


€ 11.95 11.95 EUR incl. btw
Medication cassette - 7 days


€ 9.95 9.95 EUR incl. btw
Smart pill box - small black


€ 9.95 9.95 EUR incl. btw
Smart pill box - small white


€ 9.95 9.95 EUR incl. btw
Pill pouches


€ 4.95 4.95 EUR incl. btw
Pill splitter


€ 4.95 4.95 EUR incl. btw
Pill pusher


€ 8.95 8.95 EUR incl. btw
Pill crusher


€ 9.95 9.95 EUR incl. btw
Medical cooling bag - small


€ 15.95 15.95 EUR incl. btw
Medical cooling bag - large


€ 19.95 19.95 EUR incl. btw

Use your medicines safely with Vitility's aids

Medicines that you have to take at a certain time and on a certain day, but you have forgotten ... You probably recognize it. Forgetting to take medicines is annoying but can also have major consequences. To prevent this, Vitility has developed a number of useful articles that ensure that you can use your medicines safely at the right time and the right day.

Medicine box

When you have to take different medicines every day, it is very important to take them at the right time. With the medicine box, you can consume your medicines per day and per half day. We have this drug cassette in a variety of shapes:

-           Pillbox 7 days

-          Pillbox for 1 day

-          Pillbox Monday to Sunday with morning, evening, and bedtime compartment 

-          Smart Pill Box This pillbox is the size of a smartphone and is available with an app. This app ensures that you take your medicines at the right time and that you refill the stock on time.

Medicines use

Medicine in your mouth, drink water and your medicine is gone. Sounds very easy, but for many people swallowing a pill is not that easy. We have developed smart solutions for this. The tablet splitter and pill crusher. With the tablet splitter, you can easily break your pills so that you can easily take them. Is your medicine still too big? The pill crusher grinds your medicine as small as dust without force. The compact size makes it easy to take these products with you wherever you want to go. Do you have trouble expressing medications? Then view our tablet squeezer for easier tablet expression. You can easily press out your tablet and the tablet is collected in the tray. This will stop your medicines from falling on the floor.

Cooler bag for medicines

When you go on holiday or a day out, it is important that you can take your medication with you. But more importantly, some medications need to stay cool. Certain medications such as insulin should not heat up. So when it is hot outside, it is important that you can keep your medication cool. Vitility has the medical cooler bags in its range for this. These cool bags can keep your medicines cool for 48 hours at a temperature of 37 degrees. You can easily activate the cooling case by placing the bag in cold water for 45-60 minutes. Do you have a question which suits you best? Then contact our product specialists.