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Happee - urine absorption gel bag 4 pcs


€ 11.95 11.95 EUR incl. btw
Diabetes sock Casual Plus black S


€ 9.95 € 3.94 3.94 EUR incl. btw
Diabetes sock Casual Plus black M


€ 9.95 € 3.94 3.94 EUR incl. btw
Diabetes sock Casual Plus black L


€ 9.95 € 3.94 3.94 EUR incl. btw
Diabetes sock Active white S


€ 9.95 € 3.94 3.94 EUR incl. btw
Diabetes sock Active white M


€ 9.95 € 3.94 3.94 EUR incl. btw
Diabetes sock Active white L


€ 9.95 € 3.94 3.94 EUR incl. btw
Back mobilizer


€ 24.74 € 11.95 11.95 EUR incl. btw
Leg lift aid


€ 17.94 17.94 EUR incl. btw
Pill organiser - week


€ 9.95 9.95 EUR incl. btw
Pill box


€ 5.95 5.95 EUR incl. btw
Pill box - week


€ 7.95 7.95 EUR incl. btw
Pill processor


€ 11.95 11.95 EUR incl. btw
Medication cassette - 7 days


€ 9.95 9.95 EUR incl. btw
Smart pill box - small black


€ 9.95 9.95 EUR incl. btw
Smart pill box - small white


€ 9.95 9.95 EUR incl. btw
Pill pouches


€ 4.95 4.95 EUR incl. btw
Pill splitter


€ 4.95 4.95 EUR incl. btw
Pill pusher


€ 8.95 8.95 EUR incl. btw
Pill crusher


€ 9.95 9.95 EUR incl. btw
Medical cooling bag - small


€ 15.95 15.95 EUR incl. btw

Health & Fitness

The older we get, the more chance there is that you will become less mobile. It would be annoying if there were limitations in life because of this. For this, we have developed a number of useful tools that help you support your injuries, use medication, pain relief, and exercise.


Have you fallen or do you need some kind of support? Vitility has a various range of tools to support you with this. We have a sturdy sling with a nice wearing comfort to give your arm, wrist, or hand the rest it needs. Does your wrist, knee, or ankle need more strength? With the elastic bandages from Vitility you have more support so that you can put more stress on your wrist, knee, or ankle. Vitility has a neck support for neck complaints. This neck support provides less pain and more comfort when performing your daily tasks. Or do you suffer from a tennis elbow? This is the most common elbow condition and you can use the tennis arm bandage for this injury. This tennis bracelet is made of high-quality elastic material and provides firm support.

Medication use

It is important to handle your medicines safely and responsibly. To make sure you don't take your medicine too much or too late, Vitility has very useful tools. For example the medicine boxes. This will remind you whether you happened to miss a day on the medication. There are different variants available to best suit your needs. There is even a medicine box with a handy app. This ensures that you are reminded about your medicine at the right time and that you replenish the supply on time. In addition, Vitility has a number of handy products to facilitate the use of medicines. With the tablet splitter and tablet pulverizer, the medicines are reduced in size so that you can easily take them. Does your insulin need to be kept refrigerated? With our medical cool bag you can keep your medicines cool for 48 hours at a temperature of 37 degrees.


With the fitness equipment from Vitility you stay vital and you feel better about yourself. Cycle easily wherever you want with the foldable bike trainer. Or use one of our massage balls and hand therapy products to get more power in your hands.