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Plaster and bandage protectors

Starting the day with a wonderful shower provides a fresh start. But this becomes more difficult if there is an arm or leg in a cast or bandage. The plaster and bandage protectors from Vitility are the ideal solutions for this. They are available in multiple sizes and shapes.

Shower cover Leg

If you break your leg due to an accident, you will have to put in a cast for several weeks. The downside to plaster is that it shouldn't get wet, which means not in the shower. With the plaster casts from Vitility it is still possible to take a carefree shower without your casts getting wet. The leg shower covers are 100% waterproof and due to the good closure, not a drop will enter the cover. We have a plaster cover for your whole leg and your half leg. Whether you have a broken ankle or leg, you can find the right plaster cover with us. Due to the high quality, this product can be used several times and fits comfortably on your leg.

Shower cover arm

Have you broken your arm and still want to take a shower? The plaster covers from Vitility for your arm are specially made to continue showering when you have broken your arm. The covers are of high quality so that the plaster remains dry and the closure is super comfortable. The closure is elastic and can be easily wrapped around the arm. The arm plaster cover is available for your whole arm, your half arm, and is for sale for adults and children. This product is not suitable for swimming.

Make sure your plaster is well protected from water. With the plaster covers from Vitility, you can shower comfortably again and go to the swimming pool without any worries. Due to the comfortable elastic closure, the cover is closed well and the closure will not irritate your skin.

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