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Home Spa Bath Pillow (back/neck cushion)


€ 33.75 € 14.96 14.96 EUR incl. btw
Fixation pants black L 2 pcs.


€ 4.95 4.95 EUR incl. btw
Nail scissors - XL


€ 9.95 9.95 EUR incl. btw
Nail nipper


€ 14.96 14.96 EUR incl. btw
Nail clipper


€ 6.95 6.95 EUR incl. btw
Nail cutter


€ 19.95 19.95 EUR incl. btw
Nail file


€ 6.95 6.95 EUR incl. btw
Nail file - steady


€ 7.95 7.95 EUR incl. btw
Foot rasp - with file


€ 9.95 9.95 EUR incl. btw
Nail brush - steady


€ 7.95 7.95 EUR incl. btw
Foot balm


€ 4.95 4.95 EUR incl. btw
Lotion applicator sponges


€ 6.95 6.95 EUR incl. btw
Lotion applicator - Dalton


€ 9.95 9.95 EUR incl. btw
Washing aid sponge


€ 4.95 4.95 EUR incl. btw
Foot Brush


€ 18.50 € 6.96 6.96 EUR incl. btw
Bath Brush Curved


€ 34.94 € 8.94 8.94 EUR incl. btw
Bath sponge - bendable


€ 14.96 14.96 EUR incl. btw
Bath Brush - Foot Scrub


€ 17.94 € 6.96 6.96 EUR incl. btw
Bath Sponge - Foot & Toe


€ 18.25 € 6.96 6.96 EUR incl. btw
Bath Sponge - Everyday


€ 12.75 € 4.50 4.5 EUR incl. btw
Bath Sponge - Exfoliating lang


€ 16.75 € 6.96 6.96 EUR incl. btw

Personal care

It is important and pleasant to take good care of yourself, but unfortunately, this is not easy for everyone to do. To solve these inconveniences, we have several useful products in our range that support you in taking care of your nails and washing your body and hair.

Aids in washing your body

To take good care of yourself, we have handy application aids in our range. The lotion applicator is a product with an extended handle that allows you to easily rub yourself with shower gel. The extended handle makes it easy to clean your back and legs. you don't have to bend down anymore. You can easily exchange the sponge for a new one, you don't have to buy a completely new product. A comparative aid is the wash aid from Vitility. With the extended washing aid, you can easily reach your legs and your back. Place shower gel or soap on the sponge and you can wash your own again easily and safely.

Finished taking a shower? With the Vitility Brush and Comb with an extended handle, you ensure that you get your hair tidy again with minimal effort and movement.

Tools for washing your hair

When you can no longer get out of bed easily or are bedridden, it is difficult to wash your hair. At Vitility we have handy inflatable hair washbasins. You can easily inflate the sink and place it in bed or wherever you want. The product has a notch where the head can be placed, just like a sink at the hairdresser. Thanks to the handy drain hose with a safety stop, you can gradually empty the sink. Are you more looking for a hair washbasin that you can use in a straight position? Then view the hair sink for an upright sitting position. You can easily use this sink in your sink.

Care of nails and feet

How do I take care of my nails and feet when I have a reduced arm and hand function? At Vitility we have developed useful tools for this. For example, a nail scissors with an extra-long handle. With these nail scissors, you can easily cut the nails of your toes without bending too far. Also, the scissors have an angle so that you do not have to turn your wrist. For the nails of your fingers, we have handy nail clippers in the range with a non-slip handle for more grip. With the spring system of the cutter, it automatically opens again when you do not exert any pressure on it.

In addition to the above aids, Vitility also has other useful products in its range such as foot balm, nail brushes, nail files, toe wash aid, bath back / neck pillow for the bath, and tube squeezes.

With our products, you can continue to take care of yourself and you can live independently at home for longer. Do you have a question about a product or do you need advice? Then contact our product specialists.