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Comfort when toileting

Everyone goes to the toilet several times a day. Stability and more comfort with a visit to the toilet is not an unnecessary luxury and a pleasant experience. It may be possible you are no longer mobile to go to the toilet or that a visit to the toilet is not safe or comfortable. Vitility has various aids in its product range to make a visit to the toilet more accessible and safer again.


Illness or a condition may make it difficult for you to get out of bed and be less mobile. Going to the toilet can therefore cause problems. To solve this problem, we have handy urinals for men and women in stock. These urinals make it easier and more comfortable in bed. The urinals have a large opening, a handle and they are suitable for men and women. We have developed the Urinal Splash-Proof in collaboration with customers and suppliers. This urinal is extra comfortable and sturdy. The urinal prevents the urine from flowing back when the urinal is used again. At the bottom of the urinal is a special space that ensures that the urine does not run back the next time you use it. We also have handy accessories for the different urinals, such as a  urinal holder and a urinal brush. Are you looking for a different alternative to the urinal? Then view our bedpans. The bedpan is made to do the number two and can be easily slid under the body when lying down.

Toilet seat raiser

If getting up and sitting down on the toilet is not comfortable, it is advisable to purchase a toilet seat. A toilet seat can be the perfect solution for this. When your toilet is too low, you have to sag too far and it is a lot harder to get up again. Raise the toilet with a toilet seat raiser and solve this problem immediately. Vitility toilet raisers come in different sizes and softness, so choose one that suits you best.

Other aids for in the toilet

In addition to the toilet seat and the urinal, we also have a urine cup, 6-in-1 Walker, a toilet bucket for shower/rollator, and a wiping aid in our range. As you can read, we have a solution for all life activities during grooming. Do you have a question or would you like to receive more information? Then contact our specialists.