Business opportunities

Since the start of Vitility, the brand has been the ideal business partner for handy tools. The range is wide and complete, the packaging is modern and the vision behind the brand is innovative. Vitility is now sold in nearly 50 countries and that would not have been possible without close cooperation with our business partners and resellers. Vitility is always looking for business partners who can help us expand and improve market penetration.

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The developments

In recent years, there has been very active work on the further development of the Vitility brand. Both the assortment, the packaging and the branding have been lifted to a higher level. The vision behind the brand has also shifted due to developments in the market and within the organization. As a result, Vitility has also become an attractive brand for retail chains.

Doordat we vooroplopen met ontwikkelingen en visie, hebben we een markt  gecreëerd. Daarmee is een van oudsher niche product rijp gemaakt voor een breed scala aan winkels. Een belangrijk onderdeel in die verschuiving is onze visie met als basis; We praten niet over hulpmiddelen omdat dit een ouderwets, medisch, betuttelend en te negatief beeld heeft.

Vitility products are useful products that make life easier.

Product Range

Vitility has put together a range with all Vitility products that meet the wishes and needs of the different types of customers that we serve from specialty stores to chains.

The Vitility range is divided into six different categories.

  Bed & Bath
  Kitchen & Dining
  Household & Living
  Office & Leisure
  Health & Fitness

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Price list 2021

For more information and the current retail prices of Vitility you can contact Sales support.


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Catalog 2021

The current Vitility range can be found in the catalog.


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The magalogue gives a good impression of the Vitility range.


Display options


Vitility is offered in various types and sizes of stores. That is why we offer a great deal of versatility in store solutions. We have ready-made concepts for your shelf system, but we can also offer individual display systems. With these different options, a Vitility location can be created for each type or size of store concept. Whether you are looking for a display suitable for impulse purchases, or a 5-meter concept for your maxistore.


Due to the high degree of flexibility and customization, it is difficult to form a good picture of the end result. That is why we are happy to work out your customized display in a 3D image. This way you get a good impression of how the display actually fits in your store (s). We will of course provide unique designs that match your store concept.

Packaging with appearance

The Vitility packaging is particularly well thought out and has all the required facets. Almost the entire range of Vitility has a recognizable packaging line with a clear focus on the six product groups that can be recognized by the colors. The packaging is of high quality and has a powerful design. In addition, the back is provided with action photos so that the end user immediately gets a good picture of the product and how it should be used.


Our partners

Vitility has a wide network of distributors to represent Vitility worldwide. We realize that everyone plays a crucial role in the process of raising and continuously improving Vitility. If you are interested in a costly partnership with Vitility as a distributor or dealer, please contact us.

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