Vitility Outlet

Because we continuously adjust our range, we have products that go out of the range. These products no longer fully meet the latest gadgets, the most modern colors or the latest fashion trends. Yet they are safe products with a high quality. 

Certainly, in the context of Corporate Social Responsibility, we do not like to throw away these good useful products. That is why we offer these products with attractive discounts in our outlet. This allows people to purchase tools for an attractive price. But even if the products no longer fully comply with the latest trends, they can still help people to perform certain actions independently again.

These outlet products are divided into our well-known categories:

Bed & Bath

For a fresh start of the day. 

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Kitchen & Dining

Enjoy food & drinks.

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Household & Living

Home fully equipped. 

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Office & Leisure

Keep up the good work. 

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To go wherever you want. 

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Health & Fitness

Feel fit and healthy.

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The following applies to our Outlet: 

  out of stock = out of stock 

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VITILITY products give people more independence. This gives more quality of life. Due to physical discomfort, certain muscles or joints can no longer function properly. The handy products of VITILITY provide extra support, so that an action can still be carried out. Every day we are looking for solutions for physical discomfort, so that we can help as many people as possible. We do this because we believe that everyone deserves more quality of life.

VITILITY – We make your life easier!